Good design combines all essential complexity in the simplest and most elegant way.

At least to me it does. My name's Emil Johnny Guder and I want to create things that are just as easily understandable and usable as they're beautiful. To achieve this, I closely work with people to break down complex problems and figure out what's truly needed.

Design isn’t rocket science, but it felt like one at first. I was born in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany. When I turned four, my parents gave me my first Lego set. It took me hours, but I was able to assemble a rather experimental rocket – built to fly through space, time and, well, spacetime. However, further research revealed small plastic bricks to be remarkably ineffective for interstellar travel.

While I never made it to space, I always kept designing. That's why I'm a graphic and motion designer at adidas today. I create both static and moving imagery with a strong visual identity. When I do have some time to spare, I love to draw and listen to music.

To get in touch, just send me an email.